Move, Moderate & Motivate

A blog for finding balance, satisfaction and excellence while living a frugal, physical, and financially independent life... or at least working towards it.

The Most Important Factor for Early Retirementmoderate

One of the most important and possibly THE most important factor in financial independence is Savings Rate. Essentially, this is the percentage of money you save relative to your income.

Morning Rituals Win the Daymotivate

In my twenties, I used to get up, shower, and book it to work as fast as possible. It took me about 30 minutes from the time my alarm clock went off to be at my desk. I liked being one of the first people at the office. Then I had kids and the morning schedule was no longer in my control.

The Trigger for My FImotivate

A few year ago, I wasn't too concerned about working 8 hours a day at a job I enjoyed most of the time. It seemed like a decent life. But some things changed. One of the most significant things was actually the death of one of my dogs.

The Power of Saying No to Yourself and Yes to Othersmotivate

Will power, in my words, is the ability for someone to overcome the immediate want or temptation of something to increase value of some sort in the future. Practicing will power could be not buying something you want, getting up early and exercising, saving money, or even saying yes to help out a friend who needs help moving. You are avoiding the want of something now for something better in the future.

My Pull-Up Challengemove

I believe it is important for people to routinely make goals for themselves. These goals should be challenging, but attainable. They can be related to health, finances, relationships, career, and anything else, but you need to striving for something at all times. I decided to make a goal related to fitness that would increase my physical strength while exercising multiple muscles at the same time.

The Simple Path to Weath [Book Review]moderate

This may be the best book for someone in their twenties and possibly in their thirties to read. I have been reading a lot of books on early retirement, financial independence, and self-improvement lately and The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins might be the most informative and motivating.

Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbinsmoderate

Tony Robbins is not known as a financial master and he shouldn't be. He is a motivator and the self-help guru. That is his thing. With that in mind, I decided to read Money: Master the Game. Essentially, this book aggregates Tony's interviews with the world's smartest investors such as Dalio, Schwab, Bogle, and Buffet and then puts the information together to form a basic investment strategy for the mass population and provide a high level overview of investing.

How to Avoid Weight Gain with Anti-Social Mealsmoderate

During the summer, I am an eating machine. I indulge in brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, chicken tacos, burgers and anything else that I can cook on a grill. I enjoy craft beer and drink a few of those as well. I really just eat as much as I want and somehow I don't gain any weight. How is this possible?

When Can I Retire?moderate

Well as expected, this all depends on how much you plan on spending. As a frugal retiree you may need as little as $15,000. As a lavish spender, you may need over $100,000. Either way, there is a fairly simple way of calculating what you need saved up.

Blowing Your Mind with the Rule of 72moderate

Numbers have a way of surprising you sometimes. Add a bit of time to them and they can blow your mind. Take for instance the Rule of 72. This is a formula to determine how long it takes for money to double depending on a certain interest rate.

Mr. Money Mustachemotivate

Reactions and changes are caused by catalysts. In my case, the change was thinking differently about time and money and the catalyst was Mr. Money Mustache.

Think and Grow Rich [Book Review]motivate

I will admit that Think and Grow Rich wasn’t at the top of my Reading List, but due to the fact that The Magic of Thinking Big wasn't available for digital download from my Library I checked it out. Before I started reading it, I went online searched for reviews for it. It has an average of nearly 5 stars with almost a thousand reviews on Amazon. It is one of the best selling books of all time. Sold.

An Easy Way to Increase Your Savings Rate to 50%moderate

I recently came up with a quick and easy way to increase my savings rate and put any new possible expenses under the radar. Now, I am sure this isn't an original idea, I haven't read anything about it. It is a very basic idea.

To Invest or to Pay Off the Mortgage... That is the Questionmoderate

I have gone back and forth 1000 times. Some people are 100% certain, but I can't decide whether or not to invest my extra money or put it towards my house. My wife and I max out our IRAs every year and have been increasing our 401k contributions every raise/year. I will be close to maxing that out this year. So then what? Index funds? Mortage? FU Money?

A Love Hate Relationship with Dave Ramseymotivate

I really can't stand Dave Ramsey. I am not sure what is. Possibly, his voice or just his demeanor, but he really just annoys the hell out of me, but I would like to thank him.

My Favorite Personal Finance Tool - Mintmoderate

Be aware of your finances, but don't spend your time on them. That is the route I decided to take. Just like with investing: KISS. Keep it simple stupid. 99.9% of my purchases are by card. Keeping track of cash purchases would take a bit of time and I don't want to spend my hours looking at/for my paper receipts. So I rely on technology.

Pareto's Law and Why 80% of These Words are Pointlessmoderate

In 1896, the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto published a paper that refers to the Pareto Principle. A principle that states that 20% of causes produce 80% of the effects. He developed this principle by noticing that about 20% of the peapods in his garden contained 80% of the peas. That is a pretty basic observation that would soon turn into a very significant one.

It Really is "Your Money or Your Life"moderate

'Wait a minute... I am only making 5 bucks an hour?', says the average American after reading Your Money or Your Life. I just worked 3 hours to pay for that sh*tty meal at Burger King?

Why the Best Diet is Not Being Lazymove

It is human nature to be lazy. It is so much easier. It is easier to drive to the grocery store than to ride a bike. It is easier to pay someone to mow your yard or shovel the driveway. It is easier to just skip going to the gym. Besides, you have more important things to do like watch that extra hour of TV or stay at work that extra hour accomplishing basically nothing while you half-assedly read through your emails. Right?

The 4-Hour Work Weekmotivate

Never check your email again, outsource your daily tasks, refuse customers, work remotely, and increase your own company's revenue. Sounds crazy, but Tim Ferris created a book that explains how you can do all of it... and yeah, it was 10 years ago.