How to Avoid Weight Gain with Anti-Social Meals

MovModMot - July 17, 2017

During the summer, I spoil myself. I indulge in brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, chicken tacos, burgers and anything else that I can cook on a grill. I enjoy craft beer and drink a few of those as well. I really just eat as much as I want and somehow I don't gain any weight. How is this possible? Well, I have a passive diet technique that I have experimenting with for the last 3 years. Bascially, I take it easy with my 'anti-social meals'.

What are Anti-Social Meals

Anti-Social meals are the meals you eat by yourself. I eat the majority of my meals by myself. I eat breakfast at work Monday through Friday. I go home for lunch and eat there by myself during the week. And sometimes, I eat dinner by myself if the wife and kids are out. I usually eat 10-15 meals by myself in a week. That leaves me with 6-11 'social meals'; meals with people. "Ok, so some meals you eat by yourself, big deal. What is the difference?" Well for me, I am very stict with what I eat for an anti-social meal. I try to limit calories and carbs and eat a lot of high-protein foods. Why eat all of your calories at your desk by yourself when you know in 3 hours you are going to served some amazing Stir Fry or Homemade Pizza with your favorite people?

What are the Best Foods for Anti-Social Meals

My weekday breakfast is as boring as it gets. 12-grain low-carb bread with peanut butter and coffee. On the weekends, I will do two eggs and two slices of bacon or sausage with coffee. These meals provide a good amount of healthy fats and protein and have minimal carbs. Plus, they are very cheap and do a good job filling you up and giving enough energy for the day.

My lunches during the week vary quite a bit, but still, I prefer low-carb high-protein foods. Grilled chicken breast, tuna, protein bars, cottage cheese, almonds or beef jerky. I eat light breakfasts and lunches and have a snack around 3pm. This gets me through the day and leaves me with quite a bit of calories saved up for my 'social meals'.

Well, What's for Dinner?

Well to start... unlimited vegetables. I eat as many as I want. Usually carrots, brocolli, and bell peppers. That is good way to snack while waiting for the main course. Main courses usually consist of meat;  chicken, pork, or beef. I am a huge fan of barbecue so anything low and slow is perfect. Pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, brisket, and tacos are favorites. Sides are overrated in my mind. Coleslaw and beans are about the only 2 I enjoy. I usually skip dessert.

Another to keep in mind, I rarely even sit down during these glorious Summer days. I stay on feet the whole day. I usually mow the yard, tend the grill/smoker, chase kids around, stand by the bonfire, or go swimming. My wife actually gets mad at me for not sitting. I am always moving. Being active. Burning calories. I eat until I am full and drink some brews guilt-free. I know that I have saving up my calories and burning calories the whole day and I get to enjoy these fantastic meals without the guilt or being scared of standing on the scale the next day.