My 2019 Resolutions

MovModMot - December 31, 2018

It's a new year. And like everyone else, I am taking the opportunity to reflect on the last year and think of ways to make myself a better father, husband, brother, and friend. I truly enjoy setting goals. It helps me stay motivated and excited. If I am not working towards something I find myself unfulfilled, unhappy and disappointed. So here are a few goals I hope to accomplish this next year:

1. Less than 12% Body Fat (or 172 lbs.)

This one is going to take some work. I tend to hover between 15-20% and 180-185 lbs just shy of 6'. I was under 10% 3 years ago when I weighed about 167 lbs. It took about a year of dieting. I stuck to a low carb/high protein diet. I tracked all of my food with MyFitnessPal and I worked out 3 days a week. At that time, I had a gym at my work so it was easy to find the time to workout. The dieting was pretty easy too. I ate a lot of chicken, tuna, nuts, and other high protein foods. I also drank a lot of protein shakes. My cheat meals were usually pizza or tacos. The hardest part was cutting back on beer. So my compromise is 12% body fat. 10% is pretty low, but 15% doesn't feel like much of a challenge. I hope to get to this weight and maintain it for the year.

2. Read 12+ Books

I used to read very rarely, but since I found FI and got a Kindle, I enjoy it quite a bit. I usually stick with financial and self-improvement topics. Last year, I read probably 10 books. I hope to bump it up to at least 1 a month.

3. Open a Credit Card with Travel Points

I don't like credit cards. Probably because of the brainwashing I received while reading Dave Ramsey years ago. I have never struggled with credit card debt, but I know people that have. They can be very dangerous if you aren't responsible. The FIRE community loves credit cards. The rewards they offer when used responsibly are amazing. This year, I want to open a card that has good travel rewards so that I can take my family on a trip every other year where the points cover the majority of the cost.

4. $500 a Month from Side Hustle Income

In the last few months, a couple of my sites have started to bring in a bit of income. I split the money 50/50 with my business partner. Last month we made $600 a piece. This month we made $300. I plan on getting this to $500 a month. An extra $500 a month could fully fund a IRA or cut the life of my mortage by 10 years. 

5. Savings Rate of 50%

Last year, my wife and I almost hit 50%. We were at around 49% I believe. We are expecting a new baby any day now (baby is here!), so that extra daycare will sting a bit, but with some extra income and reduced spending I am optimistic we can do it. Cutting back on beer, restaurants, and other uneccessary expenses I hope to balance that out.

6. Keep My Cool

Kids can be frustrating. I hate a messy house. I hate winter and its cold and snow. I get upset at small dumb things like a cluttered counter or when my little ones dump the legos on the floor. These are little things that really bother me, but they really don't matter. I need to relax, be okay with these types of things, and find more joy in the things that I can't control.

7. Sell Something on Etsy

I have always enjoyed art. I have drawn and painted my whole life. One of my majors in college was Visual Arts. I have a goal of selling some piece of art online. My wife is also very good at sewing. I am enouraging her to start an etsy shop as well.