Not Being Lazy is Better Than Dieting

It is human nature to be lazy. It is so much easier. It is easier to drive to the grocery store than to ride a bike. It is easier to pay someone to mow your yard or shovel the driveway. It is easier to just skip going to the gym. Besides, you have more important things to do like watch that extra hour of TV or stay at work that extra hour accomplishing basically nothing while you half-assedly read through your emails. Right?

Almost everyone wants to lose a bit of weight or change the way they look. So why do so many people fail? I think the truth is that people are lazy and don't want it bad enough. What was the last thing you sacrificed to get you closer to the body you wanted? When was the last time, you made a conscious decision to do something harder because you knew it was good for you? Did you go the gym and then go home and eat a bit extra because you thought you deserved it? The mind is very good at tricking us into believing that this one decision wouldn't impact or delay our desired outcome. But those single decisions become habit and routine.

People love the idea of things. The idea of doing so and so for a living. The idea of living here or there. I idea of living whatever kind of life etc, but not very many people are willing to do what it takes to turn the ideas into realities. Results are made up of all of the tiny decisions and sacrifices you make. Your finances and health are key measurements of this. Don't half-ass your life. Pick your goals and stick with them. If losing 10 pounds is what you want then do it. Don't take diet pills or starve yourself. Walk to the store and skip the chip aisle. Get on the floor and do 30 push-ups right this second. Walk around the building. Dump out your soda and fill up a glass of water. Every decision you make either goes for or against something you want or stand for. Make the right decisions right now and soon enough you will reach your goals. Can't afford a gym membership? Go on and search home workout. A video with instructions and to follow along with for every type of workout is a click away.... for free. Boom!

Next steps: Write your goal down and make it official. Tape it to your fridge or bathroom mirror. Tell your best friend or spouse about your goal. Break down your goal into smaller short-term goals. Reward yourself once you reach these short-term goals, but avoid rewards that are counter-productive. Brownies for losing 1 pound? Download a diet App such as My Fitness Pal and actually use it.

Good luck and just imagine if you would started this goal 6 months ago. You would have probably reached it by now. But, it isn't too late. Today is the day that you take it seriously.