How to Stop Drifting and Start 'Outwitting the Devil'

What is drifting and are you a victim of it?

Napolean Hill, the author of Outwitting the Devil, uses the word 'drifting' to describe a person with no intention, passion, or direction in life. These people just drift through life day-to-day without purpose or intentionality. They are casualties of passing time and their environments. Drifting is the main tool that the metaphorical Devil admits to using to control people in Napolean's book 1938 book, Outwitting the Devil.

This book contains a fictional interview that Hill had with the Devil himself. In the book, the author tricks or 'outwits' the Devil to reveal all of his secrets and tactics to manipulate and destroy mankind. It is a very fascinating and provocative book. Hill (...or the Devil) indirectly criticizes organized religion, the school system, and most everyone else in society for using fear as a tool and, in a way, removing people's ability to think for themselves. The book was so controversial that Hill's wife convinced him not to publish the manuscript. And it wasn't until Hill's nephew's wife passed away in 2011 that it actually was published. Hill's wife's nephew was the President of the Napolean Hill Foundation and his wife agreed with Hill's. 

I had not heard of the term drifting until Dominick Quartuccio mentioned the book Outwitting the Devil during a Choose FI podcast and in his book Design Your Future. More specifically, Dominick references the term 'drifting' quite often in his book and is a core concept of it. Naturally, I read both Quartuccio's book and Outwitting the Devil.

Both of these books are about thinking for yourself, living with purpose, and not allowing fear to control your destiny. The observations that both of these books make is that most people don't make decisions using their conscious mind or with purpose and, in turn, end up trapped, disappointed and unhappy. According to Hill's book, 90% of people are under the influence of the Devil and 'drifting'. According to Quartuccio's book, over 90% of your thoughts and behaviors are controlled by your subconcious mind and habits; you are what your habits are.

People refuse to make changes because 'the fear of something new is scarier than the fear of the same'. People don't take action until they are forced to. For instance, changing careers usually only happens when that person loses their job even when they hate their current job. What is preventing people from doing what they want? Lack or desire of money? Procrastination? Fear of critisism or failure? What is stopping you?

There are things that scare me. I am scared of quitting my job and starting my own business. I am scared to move across the country. I am scared to grow old and die. Is this drifting? Do I have a purpose? And do I drive towards that purpose as fast and as committed as possible?

I think about these things everyday... and I did before reading these books. But these books, helped frame my thoughts and give some explanation as to why I have them and possible negative results caused by them. These books have also given me ideas on how to take action on the things that I do want to change. I love where I live (except the weather). I love the type of work I do. I just wish I worked less so I could enjoy my family, friends, and other hobbies more on any given day. I hope you read these books and learn how prevent drifting... and maybe even learn how to outwit the Devil.