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Mr. Money Mustachemotivate

Reactions and changes are caused by catalysts. In my case, the change was thinking differently about time and money and the catalyst was Mr. Money Mustache.

Think and Grow Rich [Book Review]motivate

I will admit that Think and Grow Rich wasn’t at the top of my Reading List, but due to the fact that The Magic of Thinking Big wasn't available for digital download from my Library I checked it out. Before I started reading it, I went online searched for reviews for it. It has an average of nearly 5 stars with almost a thousand reviews on Amazon. It is one of the best selling books of all time. Sold.

A Love Hate Relationship with Dave Ramseymotivate

I really can't stand Dave Ramsey. I am not sure what is. Possibly, his voice or just his demeanor, but he really just annoys the hell out of me, but I would like to thank him.

The 4-Hour Work Weekmotivate

Never check your email again, outsource your daily tasks, refuse customers, work remotely, and increase your own company's revenue. Sounds crazy, but Tim Ferris created a book that explains how you can do all of it... and yeah, it was 10 years ago.